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Retired Officer/Part-Time Opportunity
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 Posted: Thu Jul 19th, 2007 03:39 am1st Post



Law Enforcement Field Training Applications (L.E.F.T.A.) is looking for Regional Area Managers in CA, TX, NY, NJ, MA, CO, and NC.  They are looking for a former FTO, (FTO Coordinator preferred), who is familiar with the San Jose Model; computer knowledgeable; sales experience a plus but not required.


Law Enforcement Field Training Applications is a comprehensive software program that monitors the field performance of law enforcement employees during their field training curriculum and their probationary period. L.E.F.T.A. is modeled after the San Jose training program, a proven system that is currently used by most law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Specific L.E.F.T.A. applications are available for documenting and tracking the training of police officers/sheriff deputies, corrections officers, community service officers and communications officers/dispatchers


The software has the following features:

Recruits: This is a data entry portal to enter all the recruits that enter the field training program. Pictures and information of the recruits will be uploaded, which can then be used in the various L.E.F.T.A. reports.


Scheduling: The L.E.F.T.A. program will assist in creating a training schedule for the recruits entering the FTO part of training. Based on an availability FTO list established through L.E.F.T.A., the FTO coordinator can create a visual schedule of training phases.


Fully Automated Report System: Once the recruit and FTO have logged onto the L.E.F.T.A. system, it will automatically assign the recruit’s and FTO’s names and ID# on all of the reports. Each Daily Observation Report (DOR) will automatically be incorporated in the DOR Tracking Sheet linking all of the recruit’s paperwork together onto one form. L.E.F.T.A. has a built in spelling and grammar check and automatically links the Officer Safety Violation Sheet(s) to the DOR that the violation occurred on.


Program Security: Log in is only possible by authorized individuals and within their security levels assigned by each individual department. A Field Training Officer might be able to access previous Daily Observation Reports (DOR), but will not be able to change any data. A FTO supervisor will be able to reject a DOR submitted to him/her, but he can not make any of the changes himself. Only the FTO can make those changes.


Electronic (Signature) Approval System: The Field Training Officer will be able to send the recruit’s Daily Observation Report directly to the Field Training Supervisor who can either approve it as is or return it to the FTO to make required changes. Once approved by the Field Training Supervisor the recruit will acknowledge (password protected) that he has read (not accepted) the Daily Observation Report


Additional Information:

Call - 1-888-IBIT-123



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 Posted: Mon Apr 7th, 2008 10:45 pm2nd Post



I will be retiring in about 4 years and will definitely come back to this site to see what is available at that time....Great idea!!!!

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