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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice History
A brief overview of the criminal justice system and its history.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees
Search accredited colleges and universities offering online criminal justice. offers degree programs from accredited schools and request free information packet.

Criminal Justice Degree Information
Information on college and university degrees, with an emphasis on what careers are open to criminal justice majors.

Criminal Justice Degree
If you are interested in helping to make our world a safer place, a Criminal Justice degree will help you get your career started on the right track. This site has information on many different career paths in the Criminal Justice field, and will help you find the right school to pursue your Criminal Justice degree.

Criminal Justice Blog
A up-to-date blog on criminal justice issues.

Law Enforcement Centered Criminal Justice Degree
One universities approach for mid-career law enforcement personnel.

Criminal Justice
A one-stop location on criminal justice information.

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