This is how it should be a preventive check of cancer insurance

The cancer insurance not only aims to provide cancer patients with the best treatments to help them overcome the disease, but another of its main objectives is the prevention and early detection of any type of cancer.

That is why, once someone acquires them, they not only get protection, but also access to these checkups, which are given once a year and allow you to rule out any evidence of cancer.

Something you should keep in mind is that it is not just a basic blood test or physical checkup such as annual EPS checkups; On the contrary, preventive check-ups consist of a series of exams and tests.

In the case of Oncosalud and the preventive check that they offer once a year, the tests are the following:

Physical assessment

Physical assessment

The riskiest areas of the body are evaluated, some organs are palpated, as well as the skin in search of any sign that indicates the current situation of the person. Each evaluation will give a personalized result and the recommendations of the case will be given.

Radiological exams

Radiological exams

Detects injuries caused by some diseases within the body, through monitors that allow more accurate and clear results. In the case of women, mammography and in the case of men, chest radiography.

Samples of fluids (blood, urine, secretions) that contribute to the early detection of diseases are analyzed.



Colonoscopy and endoscopy, depending on the age of the person.

Additionally, in the case of men, urological exams are performed and in the case of women, gynecological exams are performed, as well as a Pap smear.

Each insurer may have a different structure, depending on the packages they offer, just before hiring it is important that you inform yourself about what they offer. Remember that not only prices vary, but also the types of coverage. If you want to compare the different options, use the Good Finance cancer insurance comparator.

Although cancer may seem a distant topic, it is one of the most popular causes of death in the world and also in the country, so it should not be downplayed.


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