What financial institutions give mortgage loans?

A mortgage loan is an instrument that allows you to acquire on credit the real estate of your interest. Below, we indicate which financial institutions give mortgage loans in Peru.

A mortgage loan is a loan granted by a financial institution to acquire real estate. Said property acts as collateral for said loan, through the figure of a mortgage. Once you finish canceling the loan, the institution releases the mortgage and the property passes to your property.

Most personal mortgage loan applications are related to home purchases. Perhaps the best known mortgage loan in Peru is the Good financial credit, from the Public Fund of the same name. This loan is aimed at the acquisition of social interest housing and offers some particular facilities.

The financial institutions that offer mortgage loans in Peru are the following.

Banking Institutions

Banking Institutions

All banking institutions offer mortgage loans for the purchase of housing, and most for other types of real estate. This makes the Peruvian market very competitive, so the interest rate tends to decline.

Currently, the banks that offer the best interest rates are:

  • BBVA Continental
  • Credit Bank of Peru (BCP).
  • Scotiabank
  • Interbank
  • GNB Bank

The interest rate for the mortgage credit of these banks is around 8%.

Savings and credit funds

Savings and credit funds

Savings and credit banks also offer mortgage loans for home purchases. Among the savings and loans offered by this product are:

  • Cuzco
  • Huancayo
  • Piura
  • Trujillo

The interest rate on mortgage loans from savings banks averages 13%. That is, they are higher than those offered by banking institutions. In the case of the Good financial credit, it has a more competitive rate, which makes this loan the most requested.

Financial companies

Financial companies

Some financial companies act as intermediary financial institutions for the good financial mortgage loan, and also offer their own loans. The Peruvian financial companies that grant these credits are:

  • Financial TCF.
  • Effective


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