Borrow Money Abroad

Many people today may be struggling with banking. You may not be able to get a loan for your consumer credit from your well-known traditional bank. That’s why more and more people are borrowing from abroad. If your loan application has been rejected time and again, it may be time to try foreign lenders. A loan from abroad can be a good option when you do not get a loan . However, when borrowing money from a foreign financial company, there are a few things you need to look out for.

When searching for a loan online from abroad, many of the same tips apply to loan companies. For example, it is always worth comparing the loans and not the first offer. Of course, you need to be extra careful with foreign companies, especially if they are not operating at all in the market. All foreign companies operating are subject to strict legislation, even if the company is owned elsewhere. Here are some common tips to keep in mind when looking for a loan.

Consider these

When applying for a loan abroad, it is worth looking carefully at what kind of lender you consider to be leaving. It’s always a good idea to check your license and evaluate your business background. In the case of a reliable company, all relevant information should be easily accessible on its website. One thing you might come across on the internet is the so-called prepayments. However, you should never rely on a loan provider who is asking for some kind of down payment on a loan. Chances are you’ll never see that money again.

It is also worth being careful with new players in the financial sector. If a company has several years of experience in the industry, it is much more likely that it is the right safe lender. Conversely, if a company has only been on the market for a short period of time, it may be more difficult to get behind the wheel of the company. If hunting for a foreign loan provider seems like desperate hope, it may be worth considering turning to a foreign branch – so the company has a branch office .

Branches of foreign loan providers

Many foreign financial players have a branch . The loan market has grown considerably in recent years, so it’s no wonder that it has also attracted foreign agents. While many prefer traditional domestic banks, it can actually be much easier to take out a loan through a foreign operation. When you spend a little bit of time trying to apply for a loan, you can also get completely reasonable terms and conditions, and the costs may not go downhill.

Is it worth taking a loan from a foreign operator?

Foreign loans are increasingly popular among people. It’s a good idea to get to know these foreign players and rely on estimates from loan comparison services, for example. For example, foreign loan services have gained popularity due to the competitive prices they offer. Many foreign companies are doing quite well in comparisons. Many companies also offer quite large consumer loans, up to USD 60,000. Many consumer credit companies do not grant such large amounts of loans as fully unsecured loans. There are foreign lenders , at least from Norway, Sweden and Estonia.

It may be a good idea to favor these banks in neighboring countries, as they sometimes beat their counterparts at their prices. What matters most to the consumer is the cost of the loan, not the country from which the company ultimately comes. If your company has operations , you can handle all your loan issues with professionals. This can be profitable as it is important, for example, to fully understand the terms of the loan before accepting it. For example, banks have become increasingly popular in the market. Many banks have risen to number one. It is also conceivable that this will contribute to healthy competition in the loan market. Consumers have more choice and easier access to loans.

If you have lost your credit history but have a new loan in your dreams, you may want to consider borrowing, for example, in a neighboring country or elsewhere. However, the important thing is that your finances are on a sound footing and that you have eliminated all your old payments and late bills. In any case, all reputable lenders will check the borrower’s assets, so you should not go into it.

There has sometimes been a perception that it is impossible to get a loan without good credit history. However, this is not entirely true. It may be difficult, but the person who corrected the mistakes of the past can find a lender who will grant the loan if their current solvency can be proven. As such, foreign financial companies are subject to the same legislation as domestic companies. You will also need exactly the same information when applying for a loan from a foreign company online: personal identification number, address and telephone number, as well as your regular monthly income. In addition, you must be of legal age. Many lenders also require clean credit. But don’t lose hope, because there are alternatives!

Sometimes it is a good idea to contact the bank in person – when you explain your situation and prove that you have managed your finances properly after the payment default, you can get a new chance to get a loan. However, it is worth noting that sometimes you can have stricter credit conditions if you have a default payment in your account. In addition, you may want to consider taking out a guarantor, which can make it significantly easier to get a loan. Thus, the guarantor assumes liability for the loan if the actual borrower is in default. This will provide the bank with a guarantee that someone will eventually repay the loan. This may also help to ease the terms of the loan.


Before borrowing money from abroad , be careful! So it is really worthwhile to make sure that the company is reliable, especially if it is not a branch of a foreign company . All the banking industry is reliable. As mentioned, it is essential for the consumer to remember to comprehensively compare loans. There are differences in prices. Foreign companies often bring healthy competition to the market and offer consumers loans at competitive prices. That’s why many people end up borrowing through a foreign company. Many banks in particular have a strong reputation in the industry, and many companies have even managed to gain significant market shares in the loan market. Apply for a loan abroad if you want to get the best loan price for yourself!

This does not mean that all customers are fleeing . This is because most of the loans taken from foreign loan companies operate in the market. However, financial companies should start by demonstrating their expertise. The loan market is growing anyway and hopefully domestic companies will play a part. There are also some new financial players , but foreign companies are also increasingly seen . However, the consumer does not have to be frightened, these companies are subject to the same legislation as their competitors. Both and foreign companies have expertise and professional skills.

So there is nothing wrong with going for a loan from a foreign company. As such, it is just about competing for loans and finding the best loan for yourself. For example, if a loan is not obtained from a traditional bank, foreign financial companies may seem an attractive option. The main thing is to remember to tend your loan, read all the terms and conditions of the loan carefully, and always borrow as much as you can to repay the loan. Therefore, borrowing from a foreign company may not be much different from dealing with companies. The main thing is that you get the best value for your loan!

Lending to the unemployed

Lending to the unemployed is exactly the same as for other employed persons, but there may be some restrictions on the unemployed. For example, loans over $ 1,000 are difficult to obtain because these consumer loans often require regular income, which can include both payroll and pension. Of course, the process of applying for large sums is a bit tighter and more thorough than that of instant loans and other small loans, while making the whole thing slower. This does not mean that the unemployed person also has no access to bigger loans, but it may require extra effort and, for example, the provision of collateral or guarantors. However, there are also online loan providers that provide loans to the unemployed. And if the unemployed regularly has income from a reel or social welfare office, for example,

The conditions for all loans, whether you are unemployed or firmly attached to your job, are still the same. First of all, of course, you must be of age, that is to say, under no circumstances are minors granted any loans. Otherwise, the age limits may vary depending on the loan provider and the type of loan applied for. Some places immediately grant loans to those over 18, while others require over 25 years. Another important factor in getting a loan is the lack of default credit records. While these may not completely prevent you from getting a loan, they make the process much more difficult. If unemployment is added to payment defaults, the applicant’s chances of getting a loan are even worse. Of course, the bank account must be located and the online bank IDs are used to verify that the person is actually an applicant. Often, you also need an email address or a phone number and above all a permanent address . Citizenship is not always necessary as long as the applicant is permanently resident .

So it is definitely possible to get a loan for the unemployed, but the smaller the amount you apply for and the better your background, the more secure it can be. However, you should not be discouraged, even if your situation is worse, as it is always possible to find ways to get a loan working. However, if other things are right, you can read to an unemployed person without collateral or other comms!

What are quick loans, ie quick lures for the unemployed?

What are quick loans, ie quick lures for the unemployed?

It is much easier to get a quick tip for the unemployed than, for example, a consumer credit, or a loan for larger amounts. With a loan amount of less than € 1,000, you can easily get this without any hassle. Of course, this requires that the borrower meets the above criteria, for example, no defaults are found, at least not valid. The process is exactly the same as for a working person, and the loan decision is often made very quickly after you submit your application. Applying for a loan application is not as comprehensive and accurate as consumer loans, as the loan amounts are also significantly lower. It is also easy for lenders to know, knowing that it is easy for anyone to get a loan of just a few tens, or hundreds, of dollars, whether they were working or not. So a quick tip for the unemployed is definitely a good option and it doesn’t ‘

A quick tip for an unemployed person can easily help in their everyday life, and since some loan providers do not require any regular income or, for example, income statements through pay slips or other labels, it is no problem to start filling out an application. . The application itself costs nothing and the loan is not required to be received, even if the approved decision comes. Because of this, it is a good idea to put in the application and of course to consider where to apply for the loan. A quick tip for the unemployed is available from many providers, so no one has a monopoly position. This ensures that the lender can compare different loan packages and choose the one that best suits their needs. You can make comparisons by browsing different websites yourself, or even by using the search engines provided that enter the criteria you want to put on the loan and the search engine will list all the places that offer that loan on the best possible terms and conditions. Even a quick draw loan to an unemployed person without collateral has the potential to get even better than, for example, consumer credit

So a quick tip for the unemployed is very sure to succeed, and even if you can’t get a consumer credit, this smaller amount will help you to cope with your everyday life more comfortably. So don’t be afraid, just look at the supply and consider whether you should apply for a loan. There are many reasons to apply for a loan and you also need to be aware of it in order to find the best loan.

Why and when should you borrow money be unemployed?

Why and when should you borrow money be unemployed?

In many cases, unemployment can be completely behind the scenes and not necessarily at all. There may have been a stable job for years, but as the market changes, employment situations will change and, unfortunately, many will fall victim to these changes. On the other hand, unemployment may have persisted for a long time in the sector, due to the lack of suitable professions for training and competition for vacancies. You may also be just starting work, where employers change workers like women’s lingerie, thus avoiding the high costs of regular employees. Whatever the situation and the reason why unemployment hit its mark, it is never nice and almost always brings problems to the financial situation. This is especially true if you live alone, have children or other dependent family members, or if you have previously obtained, for example,

In many cases, lenders offering loans to the unemployed are the only option at least to overcome the situation before they are able to adapt to the new economic realities of everyday life. This can take a lot of getting used to and reconsideration and prioritization, but loans can help you deal with the worst. This way you don’t have to worry about bills getting paid or getting paid reminders. At the same time, it is possible to keep food on the table and ensure that the quality of life remains at a humane level, at least until, for example, subsidies start rolling in or the last salary snaps in the door. Unemployment can be long-term or short-term, but in any case it has a profound effect on everyone’s life.

However, when borrowing, note that it must be repaid. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to obtain a loan for the unemployed, especially if solvency is questionable.

Why think carefully about whether you need a loan if you are unemployed?

Why think carefully about whether you need a loan if you are unemployed?

When applying for a loan for the unemployed, you need to consider whether it makes sense and why the loan is being applied for. There are many reasons to apply for a loan, as you can try to copy with bills, the traditional expenses of everyday life and, for example, bringing food to the table. On the other hand, it can also be a way of trying to maintain the quality of life that the applicant had before becoming unemployed. Depending on the case, this may be a bad or a good idea. Certain expenses must, of course, be covered, whatever the financial situation, and it is generally acceptable to apply for a loan and assistance. On the other hand, if you are applying for a loan for the unemployed, for example for finance entertainment or for finance very expensive hobbies, it may be time to consider whether it is worth the loan. Of course,

This also depends on what kind of unemployment can be expected to hit. If it’s just a month or two straight away, with a new job easily and almost 100 percent certain down, there’s no problem applying for a loan for the unemployed. In this case, it is known that the income situation is leveling off and the loan can be repaid without any problems. If, on the other hand, unemployment continues to a high level, one should carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to borrow money for the unemployed. At its worst, it adds to the Payment Problems and creates a loop that causes defaulting entries and even invoices going to collection and collection.

What financial institutions give mortgage loans?

A mortgage loan is an instrument that allows you to acquire on credit the real estate of your interest. Below, we indicate which financial institutions give mortgage loans in Peru.

A mortgage loan is a loan granted by a financial institution to acquire real estate. Said property acts as collateral for said loan, through the figure of a mortgage. Once you finish canceling the loan, the institution releases the mortgage and the property passes to your property.

Most personal mortgage loan applications are related to home purchases. Perhaps the best known mortgage loan in Peru is the Good financial credit, from the Public Fund of the same name. This loan is aimed at the acquisition of social interest housing and offers some particular facilities.

The financial institutions that offer mortgage loans in Peru are the following.

Banking Institutions

Banking Institutions

All banking institutions offer mortgage loans for the purchase of housing, and most for other types of real estate. This makes the Peruvian market very competitive, so the interest rate tends to decline.

Currently, the banks that offer the best interest rates are:

  • BBVA Continental
  • Credit Bank of Peru (BCP).
  • Scotiabank
  • Interbank
  • GNB Bank

The interest rate for the mortgage credit of these banks is around 8%.

Savings and credit funds

Savings and credit funds

Savings and credit banks also offer mortgage loans for home purchases. Among the savings and loans offered by this product are:

  • Cuzco
  • Huancayo
  • Piura
  • Trujillo

The interest rate on mortgage loans from savings banks averages 13%. That is, they are higher than those offered by banking institutions. In the case of the Good financial credit, it has a more competitive rate, which makes this loan the most requested.

Financial companies

Financial companies

Some financial companies act as intermediary financial institutions for the good financial mortgage loan, and also offer their own loans. The Peruvian financial companies that grant these credits are:

  • Financial TCF.
  • Effective

A Quick Overview of the Most Advantageous Online Credit Loans Offer

In order to study the most advantageous online credit offers, we must distinguish according to the type of loan desired. The following results come from a comparative study and have been refined thanks to several other sites such as Lord Fantleroy.

Remember that the comparison between the various offers must always be made according to the TEG (total effective rate), and more specifically here the APR (annual percentage rate of charge) , which represents the actual cost of the contracted credit and not only the rate of interest. 
It should also be noted that the vast majority of institutions offering online credit do not charge a processing fee.


Personal loan

Personal loan

As of August 29, 2016, the most advantageous offer for personal loans online is offered by Cafenoga , a brand that appeared in 1968 and has quickly established itself as one of the leaders in consumer credit. . For a personal online credit of € 5,000, she proposes a fixed APR from 1.79%. Thus, the actual cost of the loan is less than € 90. In comparison, most other qualified lenders offer an average APR of 2.73% or a cost of € 136.50.

If the lender Cofidis offers an interesting product for a short repayment term (2.92% APR), this is not the case if you want to calibrate your monthly payments over several years since the real cost of online credit flies correspondingly. 
Detelam, represented by its famous little green man, remains an important player in this field. It has the main advantage of offering a quasi-identical APR (from 4.4%) for a repayment period of between 12 and 36 months. This detail is not insignificant if you wish to renegotiate the duration of your initial online credit agreement.


Auto loan

Auto loan

At the same time, online auto credit offers have an average APR of 2.73%. The simulation concerns an assigned loan of € 15,000 over a minimum period of 12 months. Most of the larger companies – Detelam and Cafenoga, among others – offer an APR from 1.79%, the lowest rate on the market. Beware of unpleasant surprises, some institutions offering a relatively low interest rate but a maximum APR of 4.40%.


Credit works

Credit works

As of September 12, 2016, online credit applications assigned to work achieved an average APR of 2.75%. The best offers remain, once again, the leading companies on the market: Detelam and Cafenoga propose indeed in TAEG of 1.79% for a borrowed sum of 15000 € repaid over 12 months. Once again, the maximum APR counted at the most popular institutions is 4.40%. 

Claims for credit card purchases

The security provided by credit cards is mainly talked about when they are really needed. The most common types of insurance and security that a credit card provides are, for example, travel insurance and product and purchase security.

Also, some credit cards come with a price guarantee. However, it is much less common than purchase and product or travel insurance.

Various price, product and travel insurance is a great addition to any discerning consumer, but they are not included on all credit cards. However, all credit cards have consumer protection statutory protection that is not offered by any other means of payment. Therefore, it is recommended to use a credit card for all the lowest priced purchases.

A credit card will protect your purchase, for example, when there is a defect in the product, but the seller refuses to grant it, or if you do not place a product order, and in the event of bankruptcy.

Although a credit card offers a wide variety of benefits and insurances, they do little to comfort you if you do not use your credit card when you are in a payment situation, or if you are finally unable to seek redress.

When can I apply for a refund from a credit card company?

When can I apply for a refund from a credit card company?

As a general rule of thumb, always try to find out with the seller. If this does not work out, you can contact your credit card company.

You will need to pay for your purchase with your credit card (or credit card on your credit side, or credit) to get backing from the credit card company

You will need to pay for your purchase with your credit card (or credit card on your credit card) to get the credit card company backing. If you make a credit card purchase that does not arrive or is not what you have agreed upon, you can seek redress from your credit card company.

For example, you may seek redress in the following situations:

  • Your order will not be delivered by the company
  • The company refuses to refund a manifest error in the product
  • The company will not respond to your contact
  • The company has gone bankrupt

How do I apply for compensation in practice?

How do I apply for compensation in practice?

How you apply for compensation depends slightly on where you apply for compensation and where you apply for compensation. Different banks and credit card companies may have different processes and practices.

Don’t be fooled by the name “credit card company” that flashes a little light on the news. Usually it indicates that you should seek redress from your lender.

Here’s how to apply for a refund from your credit card company


  1. Make sure you have paid for your purchase on the credit side of your credit card
  2. Contact your lender. So, in practice, contact the credit card company or bank that issued your card. It is a good idea to get in touch as soon as possible, as compensation times can be limited.
  3. Tell them what has happened and what it is all about. Book any receipts and certificates.
  4. You will probably need to fill out the forms that match your requirements and your lender. Fill them carefully.

Can I take a mortgage without a down payment

Housing question worries many families, as it requires large investments and efforts. Attracting borrowed funds in 2019 for many is the only way to get their own housing. Standard mortgage terms imply a down payment from the personal savings of the future borrower. When there is no savings, the question arises whether it is possible to take a mortgage without a down payment and what alternatives exist for such cases.

Why do banks require a down payment?

Why do banks require a down payment?

Inclusion in the terms of mortgage down payment for financial institutions is of great importance:

  • first, having your own savings means that a potential customer has sufficient income to save a certain amount;
  • secondly, the payment of funds confirms the seriousness of the borrower’s intentions and his willingness to invest in the purchase.

Not long ago, banks viedly offered many attractive programs that did not require a serious investment from the applicant in future property. The risk of financing transactions without a down payment was offset by higher rates and more stringent credit conditions. However, the unstable economic situation has led to a significant reduction in the number of banks and proposed programs without a down payment.

Refusal of programs without a down payment was fully justified and is associated with the mandatory registration of a pledge. Acquisition of housing entirely at the expense of the bank means that in the event of non-repayment of funds by the borrower, the financial institution will be forced to sell mortgage housing in order to repay the debt. In conditions when real estate prices are falling, there is a great risk that the bank will not be able to compensate for its costs. Additional measures will be required that will provide the organization with a profit.

Taking into account the current situation, high chances of approval from borrowers who take on additional responsibility in the form of:

  • registration of a guarantee;
  • government subsidies;
  • collateral in the form of highly liquid assets, which the bank’s customer already owns.

A feature of current lending without a down payment is more stringent conditions that limit the timing, amount, types of housing, reducing the possibility of acquiring a room and other less liquid housing.

The decision to buy an apartment, without being able to pay part of the payment yourself, should be carefully considered, since the overpayment on the mortgage will be higher by 3 percent or more. Taking into account the long term loan and the large amount of the loan, the overpayment may be prohibitive. Even a minimal deposit will make it possible to save a lot in the process of paying for an apartment, as well as reducing the monthly payment.

Buying a secondary housing, it makes sense to consider the option of buying cheaper housing and making any significant amount as a prepayment.

It is also recommended to consider alternative ways to take a mortgage without a down payment – with the involvement of subsidies from the state and other sources of financing.

Conditions of receipt and required documents

Conditions of receipt and required documents

Each credit institution develops its own unique offers, which make it possible to become a homeowner in a short time. Before you make a mortgage without an initial payment, you need to examine the current proposals of financial institutions. Differing in the nuances, most programs have similar conditions for obtaining, typical of a standard mortgage:

  1. Crediting duration – up to 25-30 years.
  2. Large loan amounts.
  3. Currency – Russian rubles.
  4. Registration by a pledge of the acquired property.
  5. Insurance on the collateral.

With regard to borrowers also set their own requirements:

  1. Official employment of the borrower during the period specified by the lender.
  2. Working age from 21 years.
  3. Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  4. Stable income that allows you to pay monthly contributions.
  5. No overdue loans.

Purchased property must meet certain parameters:

  • the object can only belong to capable persons over 18 years old;
  • property must be highly liquid, in excellent condition;
  • the collateral object should not be the only housing of the borrower, so that in case of a loan debt the bank can realize it to repay the debt.

The decision to allocate a credit line is made by the financial institution after consideration of the application, taking into account the borrower’s income, and if necessary, it is allowed to attract co-borrowers, whose earnings are taken into account when determining the maximum size. of the mortgage. Spouse becomes co-borrower by default.

The level of confirmed income of a person is the main criterion for determining the amount of permissible monthly transfer. Payments without a certificate of income can not be calculated, as well as to determine solvency, therefore, employment in a stable, well-paid job is one of the main conditions of a mortgage.

To conclude a mortgage agreement you will need to assemble an impressive package of documents:

  1. Personal documents of borrowers / co-borrowers / guarantors.
  2. Certificate from the employer, confirming the period of work and wages.
  3. Title and technical documentation on the collateral object.
  4. Additional papers determined by each lender individually, based on the selected program.

Which banks give a mortgage without a down payment

Which banks give a mortgage without a down payment

Given the difficult situation in the real estate market, the list of banks giving loans in the amount of the total cost of housing is significantly limited. To figure out where to get a mortgage without a down payment, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the available offers, because sometimes an increased interest rate entails a significant increase in the cost of the full cost of the loan.

In addition, you can find options for using various government subsidies instead of accumulating. This will reduce the size of the cash loan and reduce the interest rate. When selecting a mortgage, it is recommended to pay attention to banks with a proven reputation, successfully lending to mortgage customers for many years.

This is how it should be a preventive check of cancer insurance

The cancer insurance not only aims to provide cancer patients with the best treatments to help them overcome the disease, but another of its main objectives is the prevention and early detection of any type of cancer.

That is why, once someone acquires them, they not only get protection, but also access to these checkups, which are given once a year and allow you to rule out any evidence of cancer.

Something you should keep in mind is that it is not just a basic blood test or physical checkup such as annual EPS checkups; On the contrary, preventive check-ups consist of a series of exams and tests.

In the case of Oncosalud and the preventive check that they offer once a year, the tests are the following:

Physical assessment

Physical assessment

The riskiest areas of the body are evaluated, some organs are palpated, as well as the skin in search of any sign that indicates the current situation of the person. Each evaluation will give a personalized result and the recommendations of the case will be given.

Radiological exams

Radiological exams

Detects injuries caused by some diseases within the body, through monitors that allow more accurate and clear results. In the case of women, mammography and in the case of men, chest radiography.

Samples of fluids (blood, urine, secretions) that contribute to the early detection of diseases are analyzed.



Colonoscopy and endoscopy, depending on the age of the person.

Additionally, in the case of men, urological exams are performed and in the case of women, gynecological exams are performed, as well as a Pap smear.

Each insurer may have a different structure, depending on the packages they offer, just before hiring it is important that you inform yourself about what they offer. Remember that not only prices vary, but also the types of coverage. If you want to compare the different options, use the Good Finance cancer insurance comparator.

Although cancer may seem a distant topic, it is one of the most popular causes of death in the world and also in the country, so it should not be downplayed.