Pennsylvania school mask warrant has already encountered objectors, Commonwealth Court lawsuit


PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) – The state health department’s school mask ordinance came into effect on Tuesday. At least one lawsuit against him has already been filed and some students simply refuse to wear masks.

There are certainly mixed feelings about this mandate. Some students showed up to the school without a mask on Tuesday in protest. Some districts have sent these students home. Meanwhile, a few schools have pushed back the start date of the state’s tenure so that it can be fully reconsidered.

A handful of protesters outside the capital were protesting the state’s mandate to require students to wear masks at school. Collette Medlin is a mom of two, she was not at the protest but agrees: “The majority of schools in the state of Pennsylvania have left masks optional. This is how it should be, down to the parents, ”Medlin said.

The warrant allows an exemption for health or mental health problems or disability. Medlin used it for his son. “He has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, so in addition to autism and the social aspect of autism, he needs to see a whole face, he needs his face uncovered and so on. ‘that’s why, “Medlin said.

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Thomas King is a special advisor to Project Amistad who filed a lawsuit arguing that the Pennsylvania health secretary has no legal authority to impose a statewide mask mandate on schools. “The way this has been handled by the administrations has been abominable,” King said. “If you look at the order, it tells them not to admit people who do not wear masks and it suggests to them that these people should not be allowed to enter schools. These are children and these are students who have the right to be educated in Pennsylvania and these are families who have the right to make those kinds of decisions.

The governor insists that the state has the power. The next step is a hearing to be held on September 16 in the Commonwealth Court. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to either suspend or end the statewide order.

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